Parasite Prevention

Heartworm Prevention

This disease is caused by a worm that is spread by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites your dog, it injects tiny microfilaria into your dog, which travels in the bloodstream and localize in your dog's heart. The microfilaria mature into adult heartworms. Although it is a horrible disease, it is very easily preventable with a monthly chewable tablet (that most dogs love!). There is a blood test we can do on dogs to make sure they are negative for heartworm before we start the monthly preventive.

Flea Prevention

Fleas are not very common in Colorado but in fact we are seeing more of them recently. Fleas can cause various degrees of itching in an animal from a few scratches to a severe allergic reaction. More importantly, fleas are known to carry several diseases that can be harmful or fatal to both pets and humans. Plague is one such disease, which occurs after a bite from an infected flea. It can spread to humans when infected fleas from ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and other wild rodents are carried home on a dog or cat and bite a human. Avoid Fleas! Protect pets with flea treatment and keep out of wild rodent habitats.

Please ask us if you have questions or need suggestions for flea treatment.

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